Julie Olsen with Viking credit has been harassing me at work, where I work at a high stress-level, intense situation. She has asked who my boss is, been verbally abusive to my co-workers, and has over stepped her boundries countless times.

In this day and age, this kind of abuse is completely inappropriate. I cannot take calls at work at all, unless they are work related, and getting me fired from my job is not a great method of money collection.

I will be pursuing VIGORISLY a legal end to her harassment, and I know that Chase Bank sells their overdue credit card balances, so maybe re-thinking Chase Bank is a good idea as well.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #614366

Had a different experience. They did call my husbands work and boss, but as soon as I talked to them(A nice woman by the name of Sarah Jones) they agreed to only call the number I gave them, and they did stop calling other numbers.

When I spoke to her she explained every possible option of payment, what form of payment, and we came up with a payment plan that I could handle. I guess not everybody is as lucky to talk to somebody as kind as my representative.


They have called people in my family demanding that they take care of the issue. They have called my work asking to talk with my boss, who is the owner of the company, she has even gotten in arguments with me suggesting that I am lying and that someone in my family or my office will come up and just loan me the money. Her name is Amy Hall

Yangpu, Shanghai, China #243916

I had yet another call on my cell..looking for some Goat-Raper named Mustapha. For 2+ Years...

I have had calls from everywhere looking for this dirtbag..and it is *** me off..

it isn't like this is a new phone number to me.. I have had it for 15 years!!!


Adel Burrows keeps calling my phone asking for someone I have never even heard of...


My hours were cut to 20 per week and I got behind on the card payments. Delila is telling me to borrow from my parents (not an option).

She's calling my employer which has already resulted in a 5 day suspension. She's still calling the employer.

I've asked repeatedly that they NOT call my employer to no avail. If I lose my job because of this harrassment - they'll never get a dime!

These people are outrageous!! All I did was run up a credit card to the tune of $24,000 (which is only half of my yearly salary) and then made minimum payments for a year and half.

Then I missed a payment or 14 and the bank decided they had to send it to a collection agency. These people then have the nerve to call me and tell me that I should pay them back. All I said was that I don't have anything at all to offer, much less the 24 grand I owe. They then tell me I should ask my friends and family for $8,000 to reach a settlement with the bank.

Naturally I told them "I'm not going to borrow money from anyone that I know" since that would mean I would actually have to swallow my pride and have an uncomfortable conversation with the people I was trying so hard to impress that I ran the card up (picking up the tab at every restaurant and going on shopping sprees every 2 months) to begin with. :cry . Not too mention they were only representing one of the 5 banks that I did this too, so settling wouldn't do anything for me. I mean, come on, how is that going to make me look like a big-shot?

Then they had the nerve to ask me if I could make $200 payments for 3 months and then we could revisit the situation. I told them I couldn't even do that because I have an $800 car payment to make each month (like I'm going to drive a Hyundai) on my super-cool beamer. 8) Then they have the gaul to suggest maybe I should look into filing bankruptcy since I borrowed 200 grand and now all I have to offer are excuses and tales of woe. I am not going to file bankruptcy because those people are scumbags.

What kind of person gets into a bad spot and then actually does something about it? :? I really can't understand how it is that these people are allowed to conduct this type of legitimate business. Don't they realize that they should just go away and allow me to keep the money? What kind of person would do this for a living?

I mean who puts the safety and security of their family above my need to not feel like a deadbeat just because I don't repay anything that I borrow and consider myself to be above filing bankruptcy?

Did I mention that they harassed me by calling me more than once? Isn't this illegal?

To the woman that said we wouldn't be getting these calls if we paid our bills; obviously you've never lost a job to where you have to pay your house, utilities, buy gas to get to work, etc. Most people are the *** of the earth just because they're behind on their bills. Try to put yourself in other's shoes.


You are ignorant.


Isn't loan-sharking supposed to be illegal? What's next, hooded thugs at my door?

Why are these people allowed to continue their services?

They have called over and over today, 4 times so far in 4 hours. The greedy corporate profiteers are out of control!

same issue here. Guy named David.

Continuously calling my cell phone and my work number. Actually called my work number and told the temp answering the phone that he wanted my manager's name to file a complaint against me. Really? You want money from me or want me to get fired from my job???

Then when he called again the next day... flat out denied it was home.

SO going to the Attorney General with this one. :( :(

I don''t work for Viking but it seems to me

that if you paid your bills you wouldn't have these problems!


Does anyone know how to report Viking Credit's collector's actions? I have a Peter harassing me for my son's Chase balance.

My son is grown and out of the house but this guy must have looked me up in the phone book! I'd like to report him.

I'm starting with the Attorney General's office. Any other suggestions?


Does anyone know how to report Viking Credit's collector's actions? I have a Peter Muller harassing me for my son's Chase balance.

My son is grown and out of the house but this guy must have looked me up in the phone book! I'd like to report him.

I'm starting with the Attorney General's office. Any other suggestions?


Same problem too, but her name was Christina Hash, I dont know how she got my relatives number, my cell phone etc..... 800-523-8041

Goshen, Arkansas, United States #26753
:( same problem as everyone else only mine went from Chris to Estella to the head supervisor. I hope someone puts them out of business I have filed several complaints on the company.
Vincent, Ohio, United States #24615

Same issues here....they call threatening and even after I have asked them not to call my work. They are even calling my work cell...how did they get that number? Best get my attorney to give them a call...then we will see if they call anymore!!!

Scholkine, Krym, Ukraine #22727

Same problem, but with a lady named Vicky at 800-286-3846

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