I have no debt or account or any other connection to this company. Mark called my personal cell phone at 9pm.

He was very deceptive, harassing and evasive, demanding money for some overdue accounts but wouldn't even tell me why or what the accounts, account numbers, what type, etc.!! He was fishing for information which I would not give this shady character and eventually he hung up on me.

He attempted to be intimidating and threatening and became belligerent when I was not intimidated. This person needs to be fired and this company needs to clean up its act!!

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Was he able to even get a word in edge wise? If you communicate with people, you could resolve this much faster.

I have worked in collections, and many people have a excuse.

Try to put yourself in their place. It's not an easy job, but without them, we would all be paying 21% interest on everything.


I just had one call my office as well asking for a co-worker. I told Kevin that he was at lunch and would be back.

He said I'll call back. In the mean time I binged his number and found out it was a collection agency. When he called back I told him this is a place of business and to remove the number from his list and he said I don't have a list...first lie...then he started yelling at me that he wanted to talk to my co-worker I said NO and hung up. He called back and I hung up on him again.

He then proceeded to call the Home office and tell them all about the co-workers dept. YES they have to stop and yes they can be sued. We've contacted our people to start the process. Once they've been notified to Stop calling the place of business they HAVE to or be sued.

It's the law!.

So got to your states web site and look up your rights "Your Rights Under Fair Debt Law". There should be a phone number to report them.


Jamie Schwartz just called our business line for a co-worker and was abusive, intimidating, sarcastic, and all around an a-hole. I do not owe anything nor should I have to be berated for something that does not pertain to me an any form.

He threatened to talk to my boss and even the president of the company if I didn't get my co-worker on the phone.

There has to be some way to make him (if that is even his real name) stop calling this number. Does anyone know who to contact or file a complaint with?

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