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Mark Murphy of Viking Collection Services called my home in Virginia for something he was trying to get from my mother who lives in Ohio. He claims he sent her a letter and has been trying to call her for a week to no reply, but won't even state the company he is calling for or what the call is in relation to so I can give that information to my mother.

I feel that getting calls when I have no outstanding debt is harassment, and should be against the law. I do not want to be called nor giving messages for my mother to contact him.

I don't want calls repeating day after day to my number when its not in regards to me -- I don't like it when it is in regards to me. Its annoying and harassing, and a horrible way to conduct business.

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Quote: "I feel that getting calls when I have no outstanding debt is harassment, and should be against the law."

Thanks for sharing your FEELINGS. Guess your feelings will be hurt, cause guess what - it isn't against the law to call you to get info.

If you're listed as a reference to get credit, you better believe you'll be called. Again and again and again and again and again. Until you give up the info or until you die. Thinking about changing your phone number?

Go ahead.

Your new number will be on your credit report and you'll be called on that number. The proper thing to do is get your mother to pay the bill, not goon the internet and cry all over your keyboard while typing complaints to the whole world.


Ask to talk to Doug and complain. Any number you call from they can trace, so be careful when calling from a personal number.


Maybe he can't tell you why he is calling because of the FDCPA! Why isn't your mom returning a phone call to figure out why he is calling?


I got a second call from Viking today from one Eric Power 1-800-215-2349 asking for me under my maiden name to call back or to give a message to my mother. I called and left a message not to call me back.

I think Viking is purposefully skirting around the Fair Debt Collections Act by having different people contact me one time to try and reach my mother or garner location information. This is unacceptable and should be illegal.

§ 804. Acquisition of location information

Any debt collector communicating with any person other than the consumer for the purpose of acquiring location information about the consumer shall—

(1) identify himself, state that he is confirming or correcting location information concerning the consumer, and, only if expressly requested, identify his employer;

(2) not state that such consumer owes any debt;

(3) not communicate with any such person more than once unless requested to do so by such person or unless the debt collector reasonably believes that the earlier response of such person is erroneous or incomplete and that such person now has correct or complete location information;

(4) not communicate by post card;

(5) not use any language or symbol on any envelope or in the contents of any communication effected by the mails or telegram that indicates that the debt collector is in the debt collection business or that the communication relates to the collection of a debt; and

(6) after the debt collector knows the consumer is represented by an attorney with regard to the subject debt and has knowledge of, or can readily ascertain, such attorney’s name and address, not communicate with any person other than that attorney, unless the attorney fails to respond within a reasonable period of time to the communication from the debt collector.

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